Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

A decorative mineral paint, inspired by Cornwall and created by Reece and Joe - The Cornish Furniture Painters. 

Our mineral paint has been developed to be as environmentally-friendly as paint should be, using a traditional recipe and being handmade from the finest eco-ingredients, including earth pigments, which have helped us to create our distinctive and authentic palette of Cornish inspired colours.

We wanted to create a truly amazing all-in-one mineral paint which would be easy for everyone to use, even if you have never picked up a paint brush before.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has a built-in primer and has a built-in ultra-durable topcoat, which means you do not need to seal or wax your projects after painting. Because our mineral paint has been made from real earth pigments, our formula is also self-levelling, which means your brushstrokes will disappear leaving you with a superior matt finish.

Once you have finished painting, leave your painted surface to cure for ten days and you will be left with a finish that is water/scuff resistant, ultra-durable, UV protected, heat resistant and can be used for interior and exterior use.

We have used only the finest natural ingredients, 100% water based, with no added VOC’s and no added chemicals or toxins which can damage your health and our environment. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is also proudly Vegan, as none of our ingredients are sourced from animal products.

Environmentally-Friendly Mineral Paint

The environment and our health have been a main focus for us since day one when developing our Mineral Paint.

By using traditional paint making methods, eco paint formulations, natural ingredients and only having packaging which has been made from recycled materials, we have already reduced our carbon footprint by over 75% compared to other paint companies and we are proud to say that we are the only paint line in the world to have fully biodegradable and recyclable paint packaging.

Our milk carton packaging doesn’t only look great, but they have all been made from 100% recycled cardboard and are fully biodegradable, which means our packaging will not have any negative impacts on our planet. Simply wash your cartons out after use and place within your compost bins or home recycling bins, so they can be recycled and used again in the future.

Don't forget to follow our social media pages @cornishmilkmineralpaint for inspiration, to see our users painted projects and for helpful painting tips.

Beautiful Cornish Colours




Sustainable Painters tools that don't cost the Earth!

We are delighted to stock a wonderful range of innovative, sustainable decorating products made from waste material, by-products from other manufacturing processes or ecologically sustainable sources. Where possible, all aspects of these products are compostable, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.

Conventional brushes, rollers and painters tape are made from products that deplete the world’s natural resources, such as plastic, metal and wood.

By choosing these products you are helping to reduce waste to landfill and the impact we are all having on our planet.


Featured In Country Living Magazine!

We’re thrilled that Country Living magazine has featured Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in their July 2020 issue!! 

Home and Arts Editor Alaina Binks hand picked her favourite buys and Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is one of them for our eco & vegan Mineral paint formula and stunning Cornish colours... Be sure to check it out!

Featured in Cornwall Home & Garden Feb/Mar: 2021

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has proudly been featured in "Cornwall's Home & Garden" Magazine, Feb/Mar 2021.

This feature is absolutely beautiful and we have been featured on a large two pages and we couldn't be more prouder. Our Official Stockist Alison from Tilly's Treasures was also featured as the magazine editor choose her image of the beautiful Hive painted drawers to be featured within the article.

Thank you Cornwall Home and Garden for featuring our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in your recent issue. We absolutely love it!

Featured In Period Living Magazine!

Cornish Milk Mineral was featured in the April 2020 Special 30th ''Birthday'' Edition of Period Living Magazine. 

''Opening the pages and to see our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint, being featured and recommend by Period Living Magazine, was truly a dream come true. What an honour this was for us both!''

Joe and Reece - Cornish Milk Mineral Paint 


Black Rock - Painted by Chic Corner Treasures

We are absolutely in love with this Art Deco drinks cabinet. How fab is the circular door design. You don't see furniture like this too often

Painted by Chic Corner Treasures using our stunning Cornish Milk Mineral Paint colour "Black Rock" which is our pure black Mineral Paint.

Fish House - Painted by our Official Stockist, Tilly's Treasures

Did you know that you can use our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint as a paint wash too!

Well check out this beautiful sideboard, painted by our Official Cornish Milk Stockist, Tilly's Treasures "Grey-Wash with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in Fish House, which is a white but with a cool grey tone."

Samphire - Painted by our Official Stockist Home House Home

Fabulous Ercol Old Colonial Sideboard transformation.

How sensational is this! Painted by our Official Cornish Milk Stockist Krystina from Home House Home Furniture, painted in our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint colour "Samphire"

Custom mixed colour - Painted by our Official Stockist Rose55Designs

Wow!! This transformation is absolutely beautiful and this custom Teal is ansum... better get out our mixing bowls! Mixed using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint's.

Painted and transformed by our talented Official Cornish Milk Stockist, Jordan Rose55design.

Samphire - Painted by our Official Stockist Vintage Frog

Fabulous transformation from our official Stockist Vintage Frog, Surrey.

This beautiful sideboard with lush detailed carvings has been painted in our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint colour- Samphire

Exterior Chest of drawers - Painted by our Official Stockist Art Vision Cotswolds

Did you know that Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is also an exterior paint and can be used outside to transform your garden furniture and plant pots?

Well our newest Cornish Milk Stockist, Art Vision Cotswolds have painted their garden chest of drawers using our Cornish Milk Mineral Paints and we absolutely adore them!



Squid Ink is our sumptuous rich navy blue, which is intensely pigmented to create the perfect inky tones, that we know makes the perfect navy blue. Inspired from the ink of squids.

Squid Ink is the perfect colour for a special statement piece and would also look sensational paired with our Cornish Milk Mineral Paints, greys and whites to create a classic Cornish contrast. Squid Ink is simply modern and elegant.


Lobster is a contemporary and striking burnt orange, which has been formulated using rich red and brown earth pigments, making Lobster a truly unique and unusual colour.

Lobster can be used on its own to create a statement and can also be paired with all our Cornish colours to create fun and energising designs. Lighten down Lobster to create a classic orange shade, or darkened to add more drama, which we love!


Milk Maid is creamy and full of rich earthy pigments and is a real classic cream shade. Perfect for creating a farmhouse design. We have made Milk Maid extra creamy, to give our painters the option to custom mix, to create their own unique lighter creamy tones.

We've both been asked by so many of our Cornish Milk Painters to add a rich cream to our palette and here she is. We hope you all love ''Milk Maid'' as much as we both do.

Customer Testimonials

I've been wanting to use Cornish Milk Mineral Paint since March and finally got my mitts on some. Just love the ethos - no nasties, eco-friendly and the packaging is recyclable. I tentatively bought one colour to try it out and will definitely go back for more

Room Thirteen Furniture

I am more than a little excited to have finally used my first Cornish Milk Mineral Paint... Take a 50:50 mix of Mor and Cornish Honey, mask off and leave some of the crossbanded veneer inlay on show. Finally, get your woodworking hubby to make a brand new top out of reclaimed distillery washback timber - wax, buff, stand back and declare your undying love for this beautiful paint!

I love it."

The Artisan Bothy

Well what to say, I’ve been experimenting with different paint brands this year as want the best for my customers. The colours are beautiful, packaging is brilliant. Excellent coverage, beautiful smooth finish. I shall definitely be trying out some of the other colours! Thank you for bringing out a gorgeous range of paint, excited to try some more of the colours

Jordan Rose

This paint is so easy to work with and gives a lovely finish. I have used a carton of Goose milk paint on the legs of a farmhouse table, three coats on four chairs, a large sideboard and an old oak door, so a little goes a long way. I am so pleased with the results and I can't wait to find something else to paint Reece and Joe are on hand for any advice you should need.

Siobhan Dwan

Amazing paint! So easy to use and a lovely finish. I shall definitely be buying more and trying out all the colours!

Jane Heard




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