Advice and Tips for Using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint - by Steph Briggs January 18, 2021

Advice and Tips for Using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint - by Steph Briggs January 18, 2021

Advice and Tips for Using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint - FAQs

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a furniture paint that is easy to apply and gives a beautiful matt finish. It comes in a stunning range of colours inspired by the Cornish coast and countryside. It’s a water-based vegan formula (does not contain milk!), low VOC and quick drying. You can use it to paint furniture, and interiors around the home, it is also suitable as a decorative paint outside as it’s weather and UV resistant.

Made in the UK using natural earth pigments, Cornish Milk have introduced three new colours to their colour palette for 2021. Milk Maid; a rich and warm cream inspired by Cornish Clotted cream. Lobster; an on trend burnt orange and Squid Ink;  a contemporary, dark navy blue. These compliment the other Cornish Paint colour range beautifully.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in Milk Maid, Lobster and Squid Ink Navy

Top Tips on how to apply Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

We want you to get the most from using any of our furniture paints so here are our top tips to help you achieve the best finish for your furniture painting project:

Preparation for painting with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

A little prep goes a long way. Cornish Milk Paint can be applied to almost any surface, natural wood, varnish or over old paint. However, in order to get the best, most durable, smooth finish we recommend to clean your piece of furniture with Bioclean and give it a light sand in order to give the paint a good key to grip to.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is self-sealing, self-levelling (no brushstrokes) and self-priming saving you time and money on additional products. If it is being applied over a surface such as laminated kitchen cupboard doors then we would recommend a coat of Whitson’s Superior Adhesion Primerfor the best result and durability.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Colour Samples

How to apply Cornish Paint with brushes and rollers

Use a quality paint brush. The type and size of paint-brush that you use will help you to get a super smooth finish, we recommend the Cling On S50 for most painted furniture projects. If you’re covering a large surface such as a sideboard or kitchen cupboards then a good microfibre roller such as the Two Fussy Blokes Smooth will help you achieve that super smooth professional finish.

Don’t overload your paint brush, less is more and a little Cornish Mineral Paint goes a long way! To achieve a flawless, smooth brushstroke free finish it’s better to do two lighter coats of mineral paint than one thick one. You’re also less likely to get runs, drips and paint build up. Initially the first thin coat layer may look sheer but by the second coat you will have full colour build up that will be opaque and look sensational.

Make sure that your first coat of paint is completely touch dry before applying the second. The mineral paint formula dries incredibly quickly (usually around 10 minutes) but we recommend allowing an hour between coats. This will give your first coat time to dry properly. You do not need to sand in between coats.

Furniture Painted and Stencilled in Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

Frequently Asked Questions on Cornish Milk Mineral Paint:

Do I need to apply wax over Cornish Milk Mineral Paint? 

Cornish Milk Paint has a built in top coat, there is no need to wax to seal it. It dries in an ultra matt finish, however if you would like a satin sheen to your painted surface then you can do this without the need for additional products. Simply buff your fully dried mineral paint surface with a lint free cloth and the built in top coat produces a beautiful satin finish.

Do I need to apply varnish over Cornish Milk Mineral Paint? 

We recommend using a non-yellowing top coat for high traffic areas such as table tops and dining chairs. Family life and contact with toys and cutlery can test any paints durability. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is very durable but a varnish top coat such as Whitson's Universal Lacquer is recommended for very high use areas.

How do I clean my brushes after using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint? 

Being water based means that after you’ve painted your furniture with Cornish Milk Paint you can simply wash your brushes in warm water, there is no need for harsh chemicals or solvents. If by accident you have left your paint brushes to fully dry and harden you can use Cornish Milk BioStrip to remove the dried paint without harming your paint brush.

How to create the Farmhouse rustic look with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

To achieve a rustic shabby chic distressed look simply use a low grade sandpaper on the areas of your painting project that you’d like distressed. Over time handles, corners and edges of painted furniture can become worn, so you can distress these areas to replicate this look for an authentic finish. The makers of Cornish Milk Paint strongly recommend that any distressing is done within the first 48 hours after painting, otherwise the Cornish milk formula starts to cure and will become very hard to remove.

Distressed Farmhouse Dresser Painted in Blue Lobster Cornish Mineral Milk Paint

How long does Cornish Milk Mineral Paint take to cure? 

Paint curing is the process when paint has fully hardened and the built in topcoat has fully set for ultra protection. Once cured your newly painted surface will become ultra-durable, water and scuff resistant as well as UV resistant so the beautiful colours will not fade even on exterior projects. Cornish Mineral Milk Paint takes 10-28 days to fully cure and harden for heavy everyday use but this all depends on the surface and the climate.

Cornish Milk Mineral Painted Cabinet in Samphire

How to create a wash with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

If you have a beautiful wood grain that you wish to see you can use Cornish Milk Mineral Paints as a wood stain or coloured wash. Experiment to get the exact ratio as it varies by colour and desired look but as a guide use one part Cornish Mineral Milk Paint to one part water to create a wash effect. This is a great way to add character or to achieve the on trend Farmhouse white washed look over older pine.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Coverage, how much will I need? 

Each 500ml milk carton of Cornish Paint covers approximately 10 sq metres. As an example one 500ml pot of paint will cover a standard chest of drawers and two bedside tables.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in Recyclable Milk Cartons

Is Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Environmentally Friendly?

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is made in the UK so naturally has a low carbon footprint. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint’s packaging is as unique. All of the Mineral Paints are potted in high-grade ”Milk” Cartons which are 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. The packaging has been made from recycled hardwoods and card which produce 75% less C02 emissions to produce and will not harm the environment, making our planet and future safer.

How do I recycle the Cornish Milk Mineral Paint cartons? 

You simply clean out the cartons after use, flat pack and put into your recycling bins to be recycled. The white clips which come with each tub of Paint are also bio-degradable and recyclable, they safety seal your paint once the carton has been opened, producing an air tight seal, protecting your paint while not in use.

Where can I buy Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in the UK? 

You can buy Cornish Mineral Milk Paint online for quick home delivery from La Di Da Interiors, to have a look at their complete range click here to visit the website

Where can I see a demo on how to apply Cornish Milk Mineral Paint?

Steph Briggs, Interior Designer and Creative Director of La Di Da Interiors has produced a short video tutorial in her paint workshop on how to apply Cornish Milk Paint



Can I paint my fireplace with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint?

Cornish Milk Paint resists heat up to 80ºC, so it's perfect for kitchen and fire surround transformations and painting radiators. 

Can I paint my garden furniture with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint?

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can be used for all indoors and outdoor exterior projects. Therefore it's is ideal to transform your front door, sheds and garden furniture.

Make sure that the weather is going to be fair for the first 48 hours, or that you can have your painted surface in dry conditions so our mineral formula can start to cure. You can use additional topcoats such as non-yellowing clear varnishes for higher traffic areas and for extra protection if desired. This is recommended if you live in harsher weather climates.

What colours are in the Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Range? 

There is a beautiful range of colours designed specifically for British homes which has been inspired by the Cornish Coast & Countryside. See the full range of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Colours here 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in Thrift Pink

I've got some paint left over from my project, how long will it last? 

Unopened cartons of Cornish Milk have a shelf life of 6 years and once opened cartons have a shelf life of up to 4 years. You can prolong the life of opened cartons by replacing your unused paints in a new smaller airtight container.
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint cartons should be stored in a normal room temperature environment and out of direct sunlight. The eco cartons are UV protective but extreme heat can cause the mineral paint inside to start drying within the cartons.

Any other questions?

If you have a question about Cornish Milk Mineral Paint that we haven't answered please do get in touch at
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