Reece's Preparation Tips

Upcycling furniture isn't just a matter of removing one finish and painting on another, it also involves preparation.
Preparing furniture takes little time and some elbow grease is needed, but it is vital to the success of your finished piece, as the finish is only going to be as good as the preparation for it.
Sanding/Keying and creating a paintable surface is vital before using Mineral paints, if your planning on painting over a varnished or high sheen surface.
Follow our quick and easy sanding guide below 👇
Keying - Simply start sanding the high sheen areas with a 60/80 grade sandpaper and then work you way up to a super smooth 120 grade. This will remove the high sheen, allow for our mineral paints to ultra grip to the surface and will also improve coverage, as the paint will have a surface to absorb into, which will give you maximum coverage and a ultra smooth brushstroke free finish.
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has some fantastic environmentally-friendly preparation tools such as our Eco-Primers, Bioclean and Biostrip to clean, prime and strip away old topcoats and will leave you with the best paintable surface.
Our website has a detailed FAQ section which answers any preparation questions and also gives you top tips on getting the best professional finish. You can also speak to your local Cornish Milk Stockist on the best preparation for your surfaces