Rescue Your Old And Dried Up Paint Brushes With Cornish Milk's Biostrip

There is nothing worse than your favourite paint brushes drying out with old mineal paints and becoming hard and unusable.
Don't throw away your dried and old paint brushes as our Cornish Milk Biostrip will restore your paint brushes back to their former glory and will insure your favourite brushes are usable once again.
Simply rub our biostrip formula into your dried up brushes and leave for an hour. After an hour, rinse your brushes with warm soapy water and then let your brushes dry. Biostrip will remove all the old paint and even soften your bristles, making your paint brushes feel like brand new.
Cornish Milk's Biostrip is our environmentally-friendly and plant based paint, wax and varnish stripper. Only £12.95 for a 500ml recyclable pouch and available to purchase direct from our Official Cornish Milk Stockists, in-store and online with nationwide delivery.