Stencilling Tips Using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

Did you know that Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is perfect for stencilling. Our eco-paint dries quickly, produces a silky smooth finish and becomes ultra durable once cured.
Here are our seven top tips to help you with stencilling and to help you create the perfect stencilled finish
1: Stenciling a dark color over a lighter color is easier than stenciling a light color over a dark color. This is great for building colours and distressing to create a contrast.
2: Using an eco-spray adhesive helps to keep down all the edges of your stencil and keeps your lines nice and stops paint bleed through.
3: Mark out the center of your stencil and the center of the furniture or project you want to paint. Line up for your first stencil positioning and work outwards.
4: Always use a low tack painters tape to tape the stencil in place so it doesn’t pull up any paint when moving the stencil around.
5: Lay your furniture and projects flat on their backs to stencil. You'll find this much easier than stenciling while it’s upright.
6: Use a small foam roller to cover more areas when using a large stencil for larger areas and always offload excess paint before stenciling. Two light coats is much better than one heavy coat to prevent bleeding and helps create a ultra smooth finish.
7: Always clean your stencils before repositioning to continue the design. Dried paint build up can cause your stencil to rise and will cause bleed throughs.