Where do you buy your hand painted furniture? By our Official Stockist @atelier_tutco

Where do you buy your hand painted furniture? By our Official Stockist @atelier_tutco

Where do you buy your hand painted furniture?

The demand for more sustainable and upcycled furniture is growing and with more people making a living from upcycling there’s a wide and varied choice.

The sustainability message

The furniture buying market is changing. When IKEA feel the need to offer a buy back service you know the sustainability message is getting through. Quite how buying back furniture created under a business model based on selling cheap disposable, mass produced furniture counts as sustainable is beyond me but the whole green washing debate is a conversation for another day…

I recently became aware of a high-end department store approaching a furniture artist/upcycler to showcase their work. These two recent events convince me the buying trends for interiors are at last moving towards the more conscious and sustainable. Owning quality, hand painted and unique furniture makes it both the sensible and discerning choice. In fact I believe some furniture artist’s collections will become highly collectable and valuable in the future.


Buying hand painted furniture

So where do you find these sustainable and beautiful treasures? What are your options when you want to buy hand painted furniture? Many furniture painters promote themselves on social media, Instagram and Pinterest are great places to find talented professional upcyclers.

There’s Etsy of course, well known for its independent sellers of handmade products, including hand painted and upcycled furniture.

The Upcycled Trading Company celebrates conscious consumerism and specialises in sustainable interiors. We sell the work of several local professional upcyclers (The TUT Co. Collective) and they also accept commission work to transform your existing furniture from drab to fab.

Conscious Cubby

There’s also a new selling platform in town.  Conscious Cubby! A selling platform not dissimilar to Etsy but focused completely on upcycled furniture. At last a dedicated purchasing and selling platform for this increasingly in demand sustainable product! Conscious Cubby was created with the planet, the professional furniture painter and the conscious shopper in mind. Conscious Cubby only sells furniture upcycled by professionals and uniquely and reassuringly for this sort of platform founder Lowenna has a background as a professional furniture painter herself. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.


screen shot of the Concious Cubby website


The professional furniture painting community have for a long time debated the best places to sell their furniture outside of their own platforms. Many of the well known general buying and selling sites are considered unsuitable for the high quality of work. Conscious Cubby is a furniture shop with an environmental conscience and an appreciation of the hand painted and unique work created by professional UK furniture artists. At last, we feel appropriately represented!

Are you part of the growing movement of conscious consumers?

This wonderful blog was written by our Official Cornish Milk Stockist - @atelier_tutco

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