Collection: Cornish Milk Mineral Paint™

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint™ is an interior and exterior decorative mineral paint that offers amazing results on all paintable surfaces inside and outside your home.

Key Features: Minimal preparation - No priming - Superior hiding coverage - No top coat required after painting - Durable Matt Finish -Low VOC - Children & Pet Friendly Formula - Made using Plant based ingredients - Made in the United Kingdom. 

Simply open your tin and paint away, transforming your whole home and garden.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® can be used on Furniture, walls, wood, stone, concrete, outside furniture, stone, tiles, glass, textiles and every other paintable surface you can think off... If you can paint it, then Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® will be the paint to use, as we're the UK's most sought after Mineral Paint.