Collection: Preparation Tools

Cornish Mineral Mineral Paint is the only Mineral Paint brand in the world to have 100% plant-based preparation tools. Made from the highest quality ingredients, we do not use any chemicals in our formulas and guarantee they will be the best preparation tools you have ever used.

Cornish Milk's Bio-Clean: Plant-Based Furniture & hard surface cleaner. Made using Olive extract for a powerful cleaning performance. Out cleans leading chemical based cleaners, TCP & Sugar soap.  

Cornish Milk's Bio-Strip: Revolutionary Industrial strength, varnish, paint and wax stripper. Made using 100% plant-based ingredients. Bio-Strip can be used indoors and out, in small spaces as it doesn't produce any chemical fumes. Thick non-drip formula. 

Traditional Primer: Traditional Primer is our plant-based high adhesion primer for Ikea based furniture and tough to paint surfaces.