Bringing the colours of Cornwall to life

Creating Cornish Milk Mineral Paint™ meant showcasing the best of Cornwall in our colours. Having grown up in this beautiful part of the country, we knew all the colours that represented it and wanted to share them with painters around the world. 

 We begin with a theme for the upcoming colour shade launches. There are different colour shades launched, each telling a different part of our whole story. Having a story to tell about each Cornish Milk Mineral Paint™ shade is essential. With our colour palette, we enjoy sharing our concept and bringing it to life. 

We have boxes and boxes of different colour samples in our Cornish Milk HQ colour library. Our Cornish journeys lead us to discover shells, dried seaweed, and other unique items, which all reflect and inspire our colour palette. 

 Colours for Cornish Milk Mineral Paint™ are created all in one go so that all of the colours we currently have in our paint line flow well from one another. Whenever our stockist shops display our colours, there needs to be enough colour variety for painters to use, but the corresponding palettes still have to work well alongside one another and reflect Cornwall well at the same time.

 Having finalised new colours, Reece and Joe start working on prints along with the branding and advertising for new shade launches. We start designing new Cornish Milk Mineral Paint colours 12 months before they appear in our stockist shops and online for customers to use to make sure they are perfect. 

 For us, it's more about carefully curating our own colours to tell our own stories, reflecting Cornwall and what inspires us about it. We keep an eye on painted fashion trends and predictions, but it's more about telling our own stories with the colour we all choose to paint in.

Reece & Joe 
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint™
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