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Our Cornish Milk colour palette reflects the natural beauty of our coastal surroundings of the 'ansum' part of the country. From rustic countryside locations, small fishing villages and of course our landmarks and mining heritage. 

Cornwall has every colour shade possible and our palette has been hand chosen and designed by Joe and Reece, for their true authentic shades and high pigmented tones. Transform your home and projects with true Cornish colours. 

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To see images of furniture and projects painted in our Cornish Milk colours, you can click on the colour of choice in our shop and see each colour painted on a project. You can also see many inspirational projects and upcycles on our social media pages. Follow @cornishmilkmineralpaint on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Salt is our purest white and has been named after our Cornish Sea Salt. 

Fresh, crisp and bright. If you are wanting a pure white, then our Cornish Milk Salt is the colour for you. 

Salt is also perfect to use as a base colour for lightening our other Cornish Milk colours, so you can custom mix your own colour creations. 

Flour Sack

Flour Sack is a warm and bright white, which has been inspired by Cornish milled white flour. Flour sack has a very subtle tone of beige, which gives warmth. 

This colour is perfect if you are wanting an aged white, or a true white which has a lovely character. 

Fish House

Inspired from the famous fisherman's cottages in Port Isaac.

Fish House is a beautiful white, which has a subtle hint of grey, making this a cool and elegant white. 

The perfect white shade, if paring with a stronger grey and if you are wanting a cooler white with plenty of character. 

Bake House

Bake House has been inspired from our Cornish Bake Houses, which are located all over the county. A beautiful beige cream, without a yellow undertone, making Bake House a fresh and modern take on a classic cream shade. 

Bake House looks sensational on its own, but also paired with our Cornish Pottery, for a classic Cornish pottery inspired design. 

Milk Maid

Milk Maid is our strong and bold cream, which has a lot of character and has been made with a slight yellow undertone, which adds warmth. 

Milk Maid can be mixed with our Cornish Milk colour 'Salt' so you can create your own perfect cream shades. 


Goose is our very popular taupe grey, which has been inspired from the grey geese on Reece's mum's farm in Helston, Cornwall. 

Goose changes colour depending on the light of your room, going from a beautiful modern grey, to a warm taupe/mushroom toned grey, which has a lovely character. 

Gul Rock

Inspired from Gul Rock, located out in the ocean at Portreath Beach in Cornwall. 

Gul Rock is our lightest grey, which is similar to a classic dove grey colour. Gul Rock has a beautiful tone and can be paired with our whites for a modern design. 

High Tide

High Tide is our mid-grey colour, which has a lot of character. Inspired from the darker grey colours of the ocean at high tide. 

High Tide is our most hard-edged and industrial feeling greys, perfect for modern living and for creating a bold statement. 

Smoke House

Smoke House has been inspired by our Cornish mining heritage and is a beautiful dark grey, which has a strong smokey undertone. 

Smoke House is perfect for adding a dramatic finish to your home and if you are wanting a deep charcoal grey, which looks sensational and retains its colour in lighter rooms.  

Black Rock

If you are looking for a true pitch black colour, then our Black Rock is the colour for you. 

Black Rock is as pure a black as you can get and is strong and uncomplicated in all lights. Fabulous for modern designs and perfect for a dramatic finish. 

Cornish Pottery

As you can guess from the name, this bright and pigmented blue has been inspired by our famous Cornish Pottery. 

Cornish Pottery is an authentic Cornish blue and really does give you that fresh Cornish feel. Cornish Pottery works extremely well with "Fish house and" Salt" for a classic Coastal design.


Mor has been named after our Cornish seas, as ''Mor'' in our Cornish language means Sea/Ocean. 

Mor is a rich pigmented blue which is packed with earthy pigments that gives strength and depth to this beautiful colour.

Blue Lobster

Blue Lobster is our bold and vibrant light navy shade. 

Blue Lobster has rich depth and was inspired by the rare Blue Lobster's caught off our Cornish shores. Blue Lobster has a lot of character and will be sure to impress.

Perfect for creating a statement and if you are wanting a unique blue, which you won't find anywhere else. 

Squid Ink

Squid Ink is our sumptuous ink navy blue, which is intensely pigmented to create the perfect inky tones, that we know makes the perfect navy blue. 

Inspired from the ink of squids. Squid Ink is the perfect colour for a special statement piece and would also look sensational paired with our Cornish Milk Mineral Paints, greys and whites to create a classic Cornish contrast.


Kelp is our bright and vibrant green which has been inspired by our Cornish Seaweed ''Kelp'' which washes up on our beaches. 

Kelp works beautifully with our Cornish Milk whites to create a fresh contrast. Kelp is a very unique green, which is another unique Cornish Milk colour. 


Samphire is our luxury dark Green, which has been inspired by the dark Samphire Seaweed, which washes up on our Cornish beaches. 

Samphire has deep and rich tones, that pair well with our neutral shades in the Cornish Milk Mineral Paint palette. This is a very unusual Green and unique to our paint line, 


Siren has been inspired by old folk tales of Sirens caught off our Cornish shores and of Legends of fishermen being seduced by Siren songs to their deaths at sea.. enchanting. Siren's have been written about throughout time and this shade will be sure to lure you in with its deep indigo green tones.

If you are looking for a striking emerald green colour, with depth and plenty of character, then Siren is the shade for you. 

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is a beautiful colour which is a combination of blue and green tones, which is a bright and cool minty colour. Very popular with our Cornish Milk Painters.

Sea Glass reminds us of our childhood memories being spent on the beaches here in Cornwall, collecting Sea Glass.


Lobster is a contemporary and striking burnt orange, which has been formulated using rich red and brown earth pigments, making Lobster a truly unique and unusual colour. We were the first paint line in the UK today to introduce a burnt orange tone. 

Lobster can be used on its own to create a statement and can also be paired with all our Cornish colours to create fun and energising designs. Lighten down Lobster to create a classic orange shade, or darkened to add more drama, which we love!


We love this unique mustard shade of ours. Made with deep mustard tones, which have a unique golden honey colour. 

In our option this is the most perfect Cornish inspired Mustard yellow and will most definitely add warmth to your projects and home. 

Cornish Honey

Cornish Honey is our warm and bright yellow, which has been inspired by deep Golden tones of Cornish honey. 

This colour will cheer up any project in need of a facelift and is also a perfect yellow for Children's bedrooms. Bold and Bright yellow. 

Sea Pink

The flower ''Sea Pink'' is a beautiful wild flower which grows around our famous Cornish coastlines and can easily be found growing from March. 

Sea Pink is a beautiful Pink shade which has a slight mauve tone, giving character and making this shade very unique to our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint line.


The uplifting shade of Thrift certainly grabs your attention when paired with a bright white, but can create quietly charming interiors when contrasted with a soft neutral in shady rooms.

Thrift has also been inspired from our Sea Pink flower and is another tone which can be found on the petals. A showstopper of a colour. 
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