Rediscover the beautiful of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® with our new luxurious mineral paint formula.

 Below we have put together all the information on our new and improved Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® formula, the reason why we decided to redevelop our formula and when the new formula will be available to purchase. 

If you would like any more information on Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® new and improved formula, please email us at '' We will be happy to answer all of your questions.    

 Since we launched Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® in January 2020, we have received vital feedback from our mineral paint users and official stockists. We have listened and read all of the feedback given to us both and from this decided to make changes, to enhance our beautiful formula and make it even more luxury for our users. 

 Over the past twelve months we have been working on our formula to make sure Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® is one of the best UK mineral paints. 

 Our much-loved Cornish Milk formula has been redeveloped by one of the UK’s finest paint makers and we know that our users are going to fall in love with Cornish Milk all over again. 


 •New Ultra-durability, water, stain & scrub resistant top-coat. 
No waxing or varnish required, unless for decorative finishes or for high traffic areas. 

 •Super easy to use formula, offering a smooth and ultra matt finish, with an added paint extender within the formula, giving our users more time to paint and touch up if required. Drying time in-between coats is one hour. 

 •Environmentally-Friendly Mineral Paint, made with no added chemicals or toxins. We have stayed true to our eco-living ethos and kept Cornish Milk earth friendly. 

 •Ultra-low VOC content, with only 9.0g per Litre. Cornish Milk is one of the lowest VOC decorative furniture paints within the UK market. 

 •Vegan & Cruelty free. No cows or animals have been used in the making of our mineral paint. 

 • All our Cornish colours are made with 100% real powdered earth pigments (No Synthetic dyes or stains used). Our pigments guarantee an even and flawless finish.

• Our new formula resists heat up to 80ºC, which makes Cornish Milk perfect for kitchen and fire surround transformations. 

 •New maximum coverage technology for all your favourite Cornish Milk colours. No more extra coats or inconsistency coverage. Achieve maximum coverage with all our colours within a couple of coats. Saving you time for more painting! 

 •Exterior & Interior use Mineral Paint, with a new built in weather shield with enhanced UV Protection. 

 •Our new Formula has been approved by our Official Cornish Milk Stockists. 


 Cornish Milk’s new formula will be available to purchase from early January 2022 and to celebrate, we are launching three new exclusive Cornish Milk colours, which will be added to our main line of Cornish shades. 

 We are sure you're all going to love our three new Cornish inspired colours and new mineral paint formula.  

Reece & Joe - Cornish Milk Mineral Paint®
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