Project Inspiration

Our community of Cornish Milk painters have been busy! Browse the projects created by people just like you and get inspired for your next project.

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This beautiful console table was painted using our Cornish Milk shade ''Siren'' Painted by Annie Loveday Furniture.

Stag is the perfect furniture to paint for a smooth finish. This chest of drawers was painted by Jame Mullen, using Cornish Milk shade ''Lobster''.

Hand painted radiator by Jordan Rose. This radiator has been painted in Cornish Milk shade ''Black Rock''. Did you know that Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is heat resistant?

We adore this children's themed cabinet. Painted by Alison from Art Vision Cotswolds, using our Cornish Milk shades ''Bake House, Gul Rock, Salt, High Tide, Sea Glass, Melinsey and Samphire''.

This vintage pine desk would look beautiful in our Cornish Home. Painted using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint shades ''Cornish Pottery and Salt'' the perfect Cornish pairing.

Large vintage chest of drawers, transformed by Cornish Milk stockist. Painted in our popular inky navy ''Squid Ink''.

This kitchen dresser needed a makeover and was transformed by Cornish Milk Stockist, Chic Designs. Painted using our Cornish Milk shade ''Sea Glass''.

Tweak Home transformed this beautiful vintage chair and added some dark wax for an elegant aged effect. Painted in Cornish Milk shade ''Bake House''.

Antique wooden chest of drawers painted by hand and transformed by Tilly's Treasures. This piece was painted in Cornish Milk shade ''Hive''.
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