Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is Open for business but there are some changes which our customers will need to know. At the moment if you are looking to purchase Cornish Milk Mineral Paint colours, then you will need to purchase from our Official and very talented Stockists whom are located all over the United Kingdom. To support our stockists family owned businesses and to help them thrive through the pandemic we have decided to not sell our Mineral Paint direct to customers and to send customers to our stockists. Most of our stockists are fully stocked with all twenty of our colours and offer UK Shipping and Local contract Free Delivery. To see a full lost of our stockists please visit our stockist page on the tab above. We aim to have all of our beautiful Cornish Colours back on our main website from September 2020, but we will keep you all updated on this. 



Sanding/Keying your surface to remove the varnishes/waxy shine from surfaces is recommended before using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint, particularly when working over previous painted work. Preparation doesn't take very long at all and will make sure you have the best professional finish. Use a light grain sandpaper and remove as much as of the shiny surface you can and then paint away. Wax can be removed from surfaces by using an eco-non chemical white spirit. Remember all you want to do is give the paint a slightly roughed surface it can achieve too, you do not need to completely strip a surface back and you can an electric sander to speed up this process if you desire. When working with raw woods and walls etc, then no prior preparation is required. 

There are other paint lines on the market today which state that there is ''No Preparation required'' but as professional furniture painters ourselves, we know that you always have to prepare your surface before using ANY Paint brand, otherwise your paint will not properly adhere to the surface and will start to crumble and peel off your furniture, especially if you accidentally knock the surface. With the right preparation we guarantee that Cornish Milk Mineral Paint will NOT peel off or ever chip, because once cured our Mineral Paint becomes ultra-durable.

Remember our five important P's... Prior, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance. 



Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is self-Priming and does not require an undercoat or primer, but if you wish to prime or undercoat your surface before using our mineral paint then you can, just make sure the profit you are using is Low VOC and is water based and not oil based. 

Most professional Artisans and Furniture Painters we know will always use a primer/undercoat first, but like we said, you do not need to as this is built into our unique mineral formula. 



We recommend using a good quality synthetic paint brush or sponge rollers for the best brushstroke free finish. You can also water down our mineral paint formula as it's 100/% water based and use a spray gun. Any brands of paint brushes and rollers can be used, but we do highly recommend Eco Ezee paint brushes as they are 100% eco-friendly, made from sustainable & recyclable materials and will give you the best professional finish. Eco Ezee paint brush sets are available from our official stockists and on our website site which can be found on the tab above. 



Our mineral paint formula is 100% water based with no nasty chemicals, so you can wash your paint brushes and rollers out with warm soapy water as normal. we recommend washing your paint brushes/rollers in-between coats if you are going to leave your project for sometimes, as our special eco sealer that is in our formula will start to cure and can harden your paint brush. Once this happens your paint brush will not be useable again. 



Our mineral formula has superior coverage and you can easily finish your projects with just two coats for our darker Cornish Milk colours and unto three coats for our neutral colours. We recommend leaving an hour in-between coats to make sure your first coat of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has fully dried throughout. Once you have finished painting your surfaces, please make sure to leave the paint to cure for up to 48 hours before heavy use. 

Our 500ml cartons cover 10 Square meters, which is 86 square feet and our 250ml small project cartons cover 5 square meters, which is 43 square feet.

Trust us when we say that your going to be shocked when you see how far our paint formula will go!



Paint curing is the process when paint has fully hardened and our special eco built in topcoats have fully preserved and set. Once cured your newly painted surface will become ultra-durable, water/scuff resistant and UV Protect, so our beautiful Cornish colours will never fade, even on exterior projects. 

Curing times depend on your environment but we have found that Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can take around 10 days to 28 days to fully cure and harden for heavy everyday use, but this all depends on the climate. 



Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can be used for all outside projects such as transforming your front door, sheds and garden furniture. Make sure that the weather is going to be fair for the next 48 hours, or that you can have your painted surface in dry conditions so our mineral paint can start to cure. 

You can use additional topcoats such as non-yellowing clear varnishes etc for higher traffic areas and for extra protection if desired. 



Cornish Milk Mineral Paint comes in our eco cartons which have been made from 100% recyclable hardboards and wood. The cartons are 100% leakproof once sealed and when you have finished painting, you simply clean the carton rim and tighten back together with the recycled white clip which is supplied with each carton. Unopened cartons of Cornish Milk have a shelf life of 4 years and Opened cartons have a shelf life of 3 years. You can prolong the life of opened cartons by placing them in a new smaller airtight container if you so wish too. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint cartons should be stored in a room temperature environment and out of direct sunlight. Our eco cartons are UV Protected but extreme heat can cause the paint to start curing within the cartons. 


Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been tested within the EU for VOC by ISO in accordance with EU Paint Directive. The EU limit for this type of product is Category (A) 30g per one litre. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint contains a maximum of 2g per litre, classing us as a (Very Minimal) Mineral Paint formula by ISO.


If you would like additional information on how to use Cornish Milk Mineral Paint then please contact your local stockists who can answer your questions. You can also contract Joe and Reece the owners of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint direct on the email address below. We are here to answer any of your questions and to make sure you get the best results when using our Cornish Milk Mineral Paints.