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We've compiled answers to all of your frequently asked questions, including where to buy, working with Cornish Milk products and troubleshooting.

If you do not see an answer to your question below, then please email us at hello@cornishmilkmineralpaint.co.uk and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. 

Our official stockists are also bursting with knowledge and have their own hints & tips and advice for using our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint and our products. You can find your local stockist on our 'Where to buy' page above. 


Where can I purchase Cornish Milk Mineral Paint?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint and our tools are available to purchase from our approved Stockists. To find a stockist closest to you, please visit the Where to buy page on our website.

Cornish Milk Products can also be purchased direct from our website shop. 
Is Cornish Milk sold internationally?
Cornish Milk products are currently available in the United Kingdom. If you are located in a country outside of the United Kingdom and would like to place an order, then many of our UK Stockists offer Worldwide delivery.
Can I purchase an official colour chart or see painted colour swatches?
Yes! Our Official Stockists all sell our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Colour charts and have beautiful colour swatches and examples of our colours in at their business locations. 

There is also a Colour page dedicated to our colours, telling you how our colours were inspired. 

You can also see our mineral paint colours on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram), as we regularly share our users work and include the colour used within the description. 
Do you offer workshops or classes?
Many of our Cornish Milk Stockists offer classes and workshops that will teach you how to create various finishes with our mineral paints and products. 

To find a stockist near you, please visit the Where to Buy page on our website. 

In the very near future we are going to create our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint  step-by-step video tutorials to help guide you through the painting process on our official Cornish Milk Mineral Paint YouTube channel. 
How do I become a Cornish Milk stockist?
To join our family and become an official Cornish Milk Stockist, Please visit our Become a Stockist page on our website.

You will find all the information on becoming a stockist and there is an application form for you to complete.
Where is Cornish Milk made?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is proudly hand made within the United Kingdom, using state of the art environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. 

Once our mineral paint has been made by our team, then the paints are hand poured and heat sealed by Reece and Joe. 

Each carton of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been hand poured in Cornwall by Reece and Joe.


What type of paint is Cornish Milk?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a mineral based paint, made from all natural and eco-friendly ingredients. 

Our mineral paint formula, is not a Milk Paint but has been inspired by traditional powdered Milk Paints, giving our users all the same benefits a Milk Paint finish has to offer, such as a beautiful matte finish, produces no brushstrokes and is ultra durable once cured. Making Cornish Milk the perfect paint to use for everyday living. 

Best of all Cornish Milk has an ultra-durable topcoat added to our formula, which means you are not required to wax or varnish your surfaces after painting, unless using on high traffic areas, which may require additional protection. 

What should I know before painting?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint adheres to most surfaces with little preparation needed, such as a light sand to create a paintable surface for our mineral paint to adhere too. 

Our mineral paint is multi-surface so can be applied to every paintable surface you can think of, including plastics, woods, metals (including radiators), furniture, plastic coated steels, cladding, brick, masonry, fibreglass, terracotta, stone, plaster, MDF, tiles, melamine, plastics, UPVC, galvanised steel, aluminium and copper.

We recommend applying Cornish Milk to a clean, dry surface. Use our BioClean hard surface cleaner to scrub the surface to be painted. BioClean is fabulous as the formula removes all old wax, stains, dirt and even nasty odours, such as smoke from tobacco.

Certain surfaces may require additional prep work, such as melamine, laminate and surfaces with loose or peeling paint. You can use our Cornish Milk Traditional Eco-Primer to speed up your preparation process. Our eco-primer has ultra-gripping adhesion and can be applied to all the surfaces listed above. 

Cornish Milk should always be shaken and thoroughly stirred prior to use. 

Pour your paint into a separate container while working and clean the rim of your cartons to prevent them getting too wet as soon as possible. This will make it easier to properly close the cartons when you are done. 

You can also create a more textured finish, which is great for shabby-chic designs. Simply leave your paint carton open for about an hour before painting. This will allow some of the water to evaporate and will thicken our mineral paint formula.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is water-based, which means that you always have the option to thin your paint by adding water to create a paint wash, for a washed effects. We recommend doing this in a separate mixing container and adding water slowly in controlled increments. Never add water directly into the carton as it can contaminate your paint.

We have developed three fabulous environmentally-friendly preparation tools to help you get the best finish and all these products can be found on our online shop. 

BioClean - Our eco plant based furniture and hard surface cleaner. 

BioStrip - Our chemical free, eco plant based paint, varnish and wax stripper. 

Traditional Eco-Primer - 100% natural wood and hard surface primer. Available in Foggy 'Grey' and Farmhouse 'White'. 
Is Cornish Milk an exterior paint?
Yes, our mineral Paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you are using the paint for an exterior application, you may want to add an additional topcoat such as a matte varnish for extra protection, but our mineral paint formula does have a weather guard built in. 

Make sure that you have good clear weather for the first 24 hours after painting, to insure our mineral paint can dry and start the curing process. 

Painting Outside - Please be aware that painting in hot weather can cause our mineral paint to dry very fast and this means that the formula may not have enough time to self-level to remove brushstrokes. We recommend you paint your piece in a shaded area or indoors first. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is UV protected and our colours will not fade in direct sunlight. 
Can I use Cornish Milk to paint my fire surround or near a heat source?
Yes! Cornish Milk Mineral paint resists heat off up to 80ºC, making Cornish Milk perfect for kitchen and fire surround transformations.
Can I use a paint gun or sprayer with Cornish Milk?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can be applied using a paint sprayer and paint guns, but the paint will need to be thinned with approximately 25-30% water.

(Check your sprayer’s instructions prior to spraying for the correct water amount and paint consistency required.)
How long does Cornish Milk take to dry?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes to dry, but we always recommend to leave at least one hour in between coats.

Paint curing is the process when paint has fully hardened and our special built in topcoat has fully preserved and set hard for ultra protection. 

Once cured your newly painted surface will become ultra-durable, water/scuff resistant and UV Protect, so our beautiful Cornish colours will never fade, even on exterior projects. 

Curing times depend on your environment but we have found that Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can take up to 10 days to fully cure and harden for heavy everyday use, but this all depends on the climate.
Can I mix Cornish Milk colours to create custom colours?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been designed for each colour to be mixed with one another so our users can create their own custom colour mixes. 

This is a fun way to create new and exciting colours. 

Did you know that if you mix one part 'Siren' with one part 'Cornish Honey' you can mix a beautiful Forest Green Colour. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can be mixed with other paint brands too, but mixing with a paint which doesn't have a top coat within the formula will mean that you will be required to add an additional topcoat for protection. 
Can Cornish Milk be blended to create an ombre design?
Yes! Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been designed to make blending easy, as each of our colours blends beautifully together and you can create some beautiful colour combination ombre designs. 

Most of the time you do not need to spray water onto our mineral paints for them to blend, but spraying water on them will give you a little longer time to work with the paint before it dries. 

You can see videos of YouTube of some of our stockists blending with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint.
Can I transform my kitchen and kitchen cabinets with Cornish Milk?
Yes! Many of our mineral paint users and stockists have transformed their kitchens and customers kitchens with our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. 

Upcycling your current Kitchen cabinets will save you thousands of pounds on having them replaced with new cabinets and can completely transform your kitchen and home. 

We do recommend that you use our Cornish Milk Traditional Eco-Primer prior to painting for ultra durability and to also add an additional topcoat such as a matte varnish for extra protection. Kitchen cabinets are a high traffic area, so extra protection may be required. 
Can I use Cornish Milk for painting walls?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a multi-surface mineral paint and can be used to paint walls within your home. 

Many of our users have used our mineral paint for painting wash rooms, bathrooms and feature walls. 

Because Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is ultra durable once cured, you will easily be able to wipe your walls clean and our mineral paint will not come away like some wall paints can. 
Is Cornish Milk breathable for older walls?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is 100% breathable and Microporous, which means older walls will be able to breath. 

Living in Cornwall and having an older cottage ourselves, we knew that many of our users may want to use our mineral paints on older interior and exterior walls. 
Do I need to sand in between coats for a smooth finish?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint doesn't not need to be sanded in between coats to create a smooth finish. 

Our mineral paint has been designed to give an ultra smooth finish and to self level, removing all brush strokes. 

Simple paint as normal and let our mineral paint work it's magic and you will be left with an ultra smooth and professional finish every time. 
Can I use a paintbrush and roller with Cornish Milk?
We recommend using a good quality synthetic paint brush or roller to achieve the best brushstroke free finish.
All brands of paint brushes and rollers can be used, there is no special paint brush required but we do highly recommend Eco Union's paint brushes as they are 100% eco-friendly, made from sustainable and recyclable materials and will give you the best professional finish. 

Eco Unions decorating tools can be purchased from our online shop and through our official stockists who also stock Eco Unions painting and decorating tools. 
Is Cornish Milk water based?
Cornish Milk mineral paint is 100% water based and contains no nasty chemicals, toxins or solvents, so you can wash your paint brushes and rollers out with warm soapy water as normal. 

We recommend washing your paint brushes/rollers in-between coats if you are going to leave your project for sometime, as our special build-in topcoat will start to cure and can harden your paint brush. 

''Did you know that if your paint brushes do fully dry and harden, you can use our Cornish Milk BioStrip to remove all the dried paint, without harming your paint brush. This is a great and eco effective way to save your paint brushes from being thrown away.''
What is the coverage like & how much will a carton paint?
Our mineral formula has superior coverage and you can easily finish your projects with just two coats for our darker Cornish Milk colours and up to three coats for our neutral shades. 

A 500ml carton of Cornish Milk will cover 10 Square meters, which is 86 square feet and our 250ml small project cartons cover 5 square meters, 43 square feet. 

''You are going to be shocked when you see how far our mineral paint formula will go''
What is the VOC level of Cornish Milk?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been tested within the EU for VOC by ISO in accordance with EU Paint Directive. 

The EU limit for this type of product is Category (A) 30g per one litre. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint contains a maximum of 3g per litre, classing us as a ''Virtually no VOC mineral paint''.
Is Cornish Milk children and pet safe?
When developing Cornish Milk Mineral Paint, we knew that our own three children would want to start painting using our mineral paints. 

We are proud to state that Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is 100% children and pet safe, so there is no need to worry about their safety when using our Cornish paints. 

When painting with your children, make sure they are watched and you work with them on creating fun projects.
Can I use other branded products with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can be used with all different paint brands and decorative products. 

As a new mineral paint line, we are developing new decorative tools to help you enhance your projects, but in the mean time you can use other branded waxes, metallic paints and topcoats, such as varnishes and decorative glazes. 

We made sure that Cornish Milk was universal and could be used with other decorative brands that are widely available all over the world. 

We are always launching New products, so sign up to our newsletter and follow us on our social media Facebook and Instagram pages for new product announcements.


What is Cornish Milk's Biostrip?
Cornish Milk's Biostrip is a paint, varnish and wax remover/stripper. Biostrip is biodegradable and safe for both users health and our environment.
Is Cornish Milk's Biostrip environmentally-friendly?
Yes! Our Biostrip formula has been made from 100% plant based ingredients and doesn't contain any chemicals, toxins or typical paint stripping solvents, which are used in most common paint strippers. 

Our formula is based on science and using the plant based ingredients to remove old paint, varnish and wax from your projects, without the use of hazardous chemicals. 

100% Water based •Non-irritant •Non-flammable •No VOC's •Non-toxic •Non-caustic •100% Chemical free •Vegan.
What coatings can Cornish Milk's Biostrip remove?
Our Biostrip formula effectively removes all paints from water based paints to oil based paints and even satin & gloss paints. 

As well as old paints, Biostrip also removes all water/oil based varnishes and all oil based waxes, making it the perfect preparation tool for stripping your furniture prior to painting with our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint.  
How do I use Cornish Milk's Biostrip?
Cornish Milk's Biostrip is very easy to use and because our formula is environmentally-friendly, our formula can be used indoors/in small spaces and doesn't require ventilation as it produces no toxic, hazardous fumes or nasty smells, which is perfect if you have health conditions such as asthma. 

Here is our handy guide to achieving the best results with our Cornish Milk's Biostrip. 

1) Make sure your surface has been cleaned and any loose dirt or grime has been removed. 

2) Apply a generous amount of Biostrip to the areas you would like to remove the paint, varnish or wax. A nice thick layer works best as you do not want the Biostrip to dry out. If the Biostrip layer does dry out then the formula will not work to its best ability, so be generous. 

3) Leave the Biostrip formula to work its magic for around 30 to 60 minutes. The painted surface will start to ripple when the formula is working. One treatment can penetrate up to four thick layers of paint, varnish and wax. 

Top Tip - If your piece is heavily painted, then you can cover the treated areas with an environmentally-friendly clingfilm to raise the temperature. The trapped heat will speed up the stripping process. 

4) To remove the previous topcoats and our Biostrip formula after treatment, use a metal scrapper and warm soapy water. The water will deactivate the formula and will also help clean the surface after stripping. 

5) Now that the old paint, varnish and wax has been removed, you can lightly sand the treated areas and then paint as normal with our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. 

(Thicker layers of paint may require a second treatment of Biostrip)

What surfaces can Biostrip be used on and how much area will a pouch treat?
Suitable surfaces include: All woods, stone, marble, brick, concrete, metals, plastered surfaces and plastics.

We recommend that you test a small area first to make sure our Biostrip formula will not cause any damage to your intended surface. 

Coverage: A 500ml pouch will cover up to 3/4 meters squared surface and a one Litre pouch will cover up to 8 meter squared surface. 
Is Biostrips pouches recyclable?
Yes! Biostrips pouches are 100% recyclable in the UK, EU & US. 

Simply clean your Biostrip pouch out with warm water and add to your plastic recycling bin. 

Cornish Milk's Biostrip pouches have been made from a Plant based plastic alternative, which is environmentally-friendly. 


What is the shelf life of Cornish Milk?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a premium Mineral Paint and has a standard shelf life of around 24 months, but this depends on the following below.

Unopened cartons: An unopened carton of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has a standard shelf life of around 24 months.

You must keep in mind that our cartons are biodegradable and made from hard cardboards, so the packing is not intended to keep the paint potted forever, like standard paint tins or jars.

Opened Cartons: Opened cartons of Cornish Milk Mineral Paints have a shelf life of 12-24 months, depending on storage. 

It is highly recommended that you repot all left over mineral paints in to a smaller airtight container to pre-long the shelf life to 24 months and to insure your mineral paints are kept in useable condition. 

We do not recommend keeping small amounts/less than half a carton of mineral paints within the cartons. If mineral paints are left within a carton for to long after opening or if you only have a small amounts left, then the remaining paint will cure/dry-out in the bottom of the cartons and will become unusable. 

Our milk carton packaging is truly environmentally-friendly, but the cartons are biodegradable and made from cardboard, so repotting your mineral paints after use is our recommendation and storing out of direct sunlight and kept in cool conditions like all paints should be. 

Can I keep my left over paint in my carton?
We highly recommend that you replace your unused paint in a new smaller airtight container, as over time the paint can cure and set within the cartons if there is too much air to dry the paint within the carton. 

Our cartons can also get a little soft over time, being made from cardboard and this is perfectly normal. After all our cartons are biodegradable and a not meant to last forever, so we recommend replacing the paint in an airtight container if you are not going to be using the paint for some time.

Storing your unused mineral paint in the cartons for shorter period of times is perfectly fine.
How should I store my milk carton?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint cartons should be stored in a normal room temperature environment and out of direct sunlight. 

Our milk cartons are UV Protected but extreme heat can cause our mineral paint inside to start curing/drying within the cartons.

Do not store your cartons outside or in cold environments such as garages and sheds. 
I can see the paint colour coming through the corner of my carton.
If you see our mineral paint colours showing through the corners of your carton, don't worry as this is perfectly normal and the paint is not leaking through the carton. 

Some of our Cornish inspired colours are heavily pigmented with earth pigments to create their beautiful colours and it is the pigments that are dying the white cardboard within the cartons, especially the corners of the cartons as this is where they are folded.

If you are worried, simply replace your mineral paint in a new airtight container.
My carton is going a little softer?
Again this is perfectly normal as our cartons will go a little softer over time. Our cartons are made from cardboard and the water within the paint can cause the cardboard to become softer over time. 

This does not affect the paint or cause any damage and the carton will still be 100% leakproof. 

You can repot your paint into another airtight container if you feel your carton is getting too soft and is harder to work from. 
Is my carton biodegradable and recyclable?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is the only UK Paint line to have fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging. 

After use, simply clean out your cartons with warm water and then add to your compost bin or add to your recycling bin. Our milk cartons are approved for all UK, EU and US recycling. 

The White clips which come with all cartons are made from a plant based plastic alternative and are also approved to be recycled. The clips are not biodegradable, but this is something we are working on right now. 


Stains are appearing after painting?
Stains can show up and the paint colour may dry as an orange or a pinkish colour in spots. This is usually caused by tannins that are bleeding out of an open-grained wood into the fresh paint. 

Oak and mahogany are the most likely offenders. Stains can also be caused by oils bleeding out of wood filler or previous oily spills, as well as food stains such as cooking oils and high pigmented foods. 

Wipe on one or two thin coats of shellac, a non-toxic sealer found in most paint shops and some of our official stockists also sell stain blockers. 

Remember that our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is water based, so you will need to use a water based shellac or stain blocker. An oil based product will work against our mineral paint from adhering to the surface. 

TIP - Do not sand mahogany furniture prior to painting. This will remove the existing topcoat which can encourage bleed through. Use our Cornish Milk Eco-Primer to prepare your surface first. 
The mineral paint looks like it's separated in the carton?
This is perfectly normal and to solve this, all you need to do is give your carton a good mix prior to use.

Sometimes our earth pigments can lower to the bottom of the milk cartons and gives the appearance that the mineral paint has separated, but don't worry as it hasn't and is perfectly fine to use. The pigments just need a good mix. 
My brushstrokes are still visible?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is self-levelling which means our formula will dry too a smooth professional finish, but sometimes paint brush strokes may be visible and this could be because of one of two reasons. 

Using smaller amounts of paint and thinner coats means you will reduce the likely hood of brush strokes appearing. Using thicker coats and over brushing will result in brush stroke marks staying Visible. 

Once you have painted a coat of mineral paint, try not to brush over or re-coat until the first coat is fully dry. 

The other common reason is that your mineral paint is drying too quickly and this means our mineral paint will not have enough time to self level and smooth out your brush strokes. 

Do not paint in direct sunlight and if the weather or room is hot, then paint in the shade or a cooler room. This will mean our mineral paint will dry normally and will self level all those brush strokes away, leaving you with a smooth and professional finish every-time. 
My left over paint has dried in the carton?
There is nothing worse then using our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint and then storing the paint away, to find that its dried and cured into a solid block in the bottom of your carton. 

The reason this has happened is because our milk cartons over time will dry out the mineral paint if there is only a little amount of paint left within the carton as there is too much air in the carton and this has caused the paint to dry out. 

To prevent this from happening, simply place smaller amounts of paint in a smaller air tight container to store away, or you can add a little cling film on top of your paint within the carton to restrict the air. 

Adding a little water to the paint is also a great tip for making sure your mineral paint will not dry over time, but we do recommend placing into another container after painting, if you only have a small amount of mineral paint left over. 
My mineral paint colour looks lighter?
All Paints look lighter when they are not dried and within their containers. 

If you have chosen a colour after seeing a piece of furniture painted or by viewing the colour swatches in our stockists shop, then this will be the finished colour you will get after painting and the mineral paint has fully dried. 

Paint colours can dry and look differently depending on the surface also, so we always recommend our users test a small area first to see if the colour would be right for your home and finished project. 

Adding an additional topcoat such as waxes and varnish can also alter the colour, so again we recommend you do a test prior to top coating to make sure you are happy with the colour. 
My paint is peeling & coming away from the painted surface?
If your newly painted surface is starting to peel or come away, then this is caused due to two reasons.

Improper preparation is one of the main reasons why paint can start to peel or come away. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint does require preparation prior to painting. Please see our FAQ above for ''What you need to know before painting'' for the best preparation guide and tips. 

Another reason is that there may be an undetected substance coming through the surface. This is very common with older pieces of furniture or treated wood treatments. If this happens then you can simply give your surface a good sand and then repaint first using our Traditional Eco-primer, once you have done this you can simply repaint with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. 

TOP TIP - Do a good inspection on your piece of furniture or project before painting. This will help you to see if there is anything on the surface which could cause you to have any problems later on. If in doubt, alway prime first to make sure your surface is protected and ready to be painted. 
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