Below you will find a selection of questions frequently asked about our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® and our Eco-Preparation tools. 

If you cannot find the answer to your question, then please email Reece and Joe direct at 'hello@cornishmilkmineralpaint.co.uk' and we will both be happy to help you. 

Questions about cornish milk and preparation

What is Cornish Milk Mineral Paint®?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® is a water-based decorative paint that's been created by Reece and Joe ''The Cornish Furniture Painters''. 

We both love using Milk Paints on our own upcycling projects, so created our own mineral based paint, which would replicate the same beautiful smooth, durable and matt finish as a milk paint achieved, but without the need of mixing a powder to water. Cornish Milk is already premixed and all you need to do is open your carton/tin and start painting.

You can achieve many different finishes with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint®, from shabby chic, to an ultra smooth modern finish and chippy Cornish farmhouse designs. Our mineral paint is so versatile and is very easy to use.
Which surfaces can Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® be applied to?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® can be applied to many different paintable surfaces, including the following: 

Furniture, walls, wood, stone, concrete, outside furniture, stone, tiles, glass, textiles and every other paintable surface you can think off. 

If you can paint it, then Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® will be the paint to use, as we're the UK's all-in-one mineral paint.
Do I have to prepare my surfaces before painting?
Preparation is simple and doesn’t take too much time and is a vital step we very highly recommend before painting with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint®, to achieve the best finish. 

Follow our very simple guide below to ensure you get the best possible results. You may require a quick clean to remove dust/dirt, or you may not need to follow all of these steps below, but only if your surface requires it. 

Most of the time all you will need to do is clean and then paint. 

However, depending on your particular surface and any previous coatings such as wax, varnish or previously painted surfaces, you will need to (1) Clean (2) Remove any wax (3)Lightly sand to key the surface to create a surface the paint can adhere to and then finally (4) Clean again before painting in your chosen Cornish Milk colour.

If you believe your surface has a wax coating on the surface, you can usually tell by giving the surface a light sand and if the sand paper is getting a wax building up, you will want to stop and remove the wax before painting. Cornish Milk is water based and will not adhere to oil-based waxes. 

Sanding is highly recommended on high gloss/varnished surfaces or when you are trying to remove stubborn coatings such as previous painted surfaces. 

No Priming is necessary as this is built into our Cornish Milk formula, but many of our stockists and users like to prime as a preparation measure. We do have a Cornish Milk Eco-Traditional Primer available in 500ml cartons.  

Preparation will insure that your newly painted project will have the best possible finish.
How do I stop stains showing through my paint?
On rare occasions, stains may bleed through your first coat of mineral paint and this is often from a previous oil-based finish and is most likely to happen on old pieces of furniture from the 1940s and 1950s which were stained with tannings.

If you see a stain bleeding through the paint, all you need to do is apply a coat of stain blocker primer or an eco-friendly knotting solution, directly over the paint you have already applied. Treat the whole affected surface to avoid any patchiness in the final finish. One or two coats of blocker applied evenly will block the stain. It dries in minutes, and then you can get on with your painting.

Stains and tanning will come through all brands of paint, so this is a very common situation, which can easily be fixed, so there is no need to worry, as your piece will look sensational once finished. 
Mixing your own unique Cornish inspired colours.
Each of our Cornish colours can be mixed together, so you can create your very own colours. This is very handy if you cannot quite find the colour shade you are looking for, or if you are wanting to match a colour theme. 

Our colours ''Salt and Flour Sack'' are perfect for lightening colours, as they are our brightest pure whites and will be the perfect lightening shades, but all our colours can be mixed together, to create unique Cornish inspired shades. 
How much paint will I need when painting my projects?
You will be amazed when you see our improved coverage. Our new stockist approved formula has one of the best coverages for a mineral paint and even harder to paint colours, such as yellows and whites are much more improved. Please see our coat guide below. 

White/Neutral colours - Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® Whites and Neutral shades will require around 2-3 coats of paint for a solid finish. You can reduce this if you use a white based primer before painting. White and Neutrals are beautiful but can be harder to coat, especially on darker surfaces, so you may require additional coats.

Bright/Darker colours - Our darker and brighter colours such as ''Siren'' and ''Blue Lobster'' have greatly improved with coverage and you can now achieve full coverage with only 1-2 coats of paint. We highly recommend painting 2-3 coats as the additional coats can add extra depth to your colour, but if you don't feel like your piece needs the extra coat then you don't have too. 

A 500ml carton/Tin of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® will cover up to 11-13 square metres of surface depending on the surface type.
What is Cornish Milk's curing and drying times?
Drying time is different too curing time. When a paint dries its the surface which has dried and will be dry to the touch, but the fully painted layers will require some time to fully cure and harden to offer ultimate protection.

Our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® takes seven days for the paint to cure properly and be the toughest it can be for ultimate protection. It can be touched up if there are any scuffing, during the seven day curing time, but be sure to look after your newly painted piece while it's curing to prevent any damage. 

Dry time for Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® is usually 30 minutes to one hour, but this depends on the environment the mineral paint is being used. After this point, you can add another coat.

Please do NOT paint in direct sunlight or outside on hot days as this will cause our mineral paint to dry too quickly and the mineral paint will not have time to self level for a smooth finish.
Why does the new Cornish Milk formula have a different consistency and thickness?
It's perfectly normal for different Cornish Milk colours to be a slightly different consistency to each other and this is because lighter colours require less natural pigments and darker colours require more to create their unique colour and depth.

The ingredients within our new and improved formula have been greatly improved, as well as our the organic earth pigments, which have been used to colour all our mineral paint shades. All of our ingredients have been carefully selected and tested to the highest quality control measures to ensure a superior performing mineral paint and colour shades.

Our new mineral paint formula is ours, developed from the ground up with each colour having a slightly different consistency and weight depending on the wonderful earth pigments and ingredients used.

If you find any of our colours slightly too thick, then you can simply add a little water, to loosen the paint down to create your perfect painting constancy, but just remember that your project may require an additional coat of paint. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® is 100% water-based and you only need water to loosen our mineral paints.
How do I store my Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® after painting?
Please see below our different storage recommendations for Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. 

Cornish Milk's new tins are great for keeping your mineral paints fresh and ready to use each time. After painting simply clean the rim of your tin and replace the lid and metal clips which come with the paint. Store the tins in a normal room temperature inside your home. Do not store your tins outside or in overly cold/warm environments as this can damage the mineral paint. 

Our biodegradable cartons are great at keeping our mineral paint fresh, but after use we highly recommend that you replace any left over paint in another smaller airtight container to stop the paint from curing and going hard within the cartons. 

Unopened cartons need to be stored in normal room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Do not store your cartons outside or in overly cold/warm environments as this can damage your paint and even cause the paint to fully dry out within the cartons. 

Finishing your project & decorative techniques

Do I need to wax or varnish Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® after painting?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® has a very durable built-in top coat, which will make your project water, scuff and stain resistant after painting. You will need to let the mineral paint cure for the full seven days for the full effects of the built-in top coat to be 100% effective.

Cornish Milk has an ultra matt finish which our users love and enjoy, but we have developed Cornish Milk Mineral Paint to be used with many different finishing products such as varnishes and wax if you chose to use them for protection or decorative finishes such as antique ageing. This also gives our users the option to add extra sheen levels if they would like to achieve different finishes. 

We highly recommend that you use a varnish on high traffic areas/projects, such as kitchen cabinets, chairs, tables, tiles and any other surface which will be used heavily daily. The varnish will give you extra protection and will insure your finish will stay looking great and adding extra protection. 
Can I distress my painted project for an aged finish?
Distressing a piece of furniture makes it look worn, but on purpose! This is done by removing some of the paint around the areas that would be prone to a lot of wear and tear, such as handles on drawers, the seat on a chair etc. 

Because our durable built in top coat is very tough, distressing projects can become more difficult the longer it is left to dry. Be sure to do all your distressing shortly after painting, just as it is dry to the touch, after this time you will have a tough job of distressing your piece.
Can I achieve a Milk Paint Chippy look with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint®?
Yes! The chippy milk paint look is so beautiful and is a favourite finish on our own painted furniture, so we knew that our users might want to create the same look. 

The chippy look can be achieved by two methods, see below - 

Wax method: In the places you would like your project to chip, place wax around the areas quiet thick and then paint as normal. Let your piece dry and after painting you get a lint free cloth and remove the wax build up. Once you have done this, simply buff the area and you will be left with a chippy finish. 

Water method: Paint your project as normal in Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® and wait 24 hours for the mineral paint to fully dry. Once dried, you get a bowl of warm water and start to remove the paint in the areas you would like to achieve the chippy look. 
When you start removing the paint, you will see a very detailed chippy look with the remaining mineral paint that has been left in place. Simply dry your piece once you have achieved your desired finish and leave to cure. 

The water method takes a little longer with having to wait 24 hours for the mineral paint to dry and then clean away with water, but this is the best method we would recommend to achieve the best chippy look finish, but the wax method is also very good. Both methods offer different styles of the chippy finish, so experiment and have fun. 

Cornish milk biostrip

What is Cornish Milk Biostrip?
Cornish Milk's Biostrip is our environmentally-friendly paint, varnish and wax stripper used for removing paint from most surfaces including wood, metal, glass, plastic, UPVC and stone. 

Biostrip will strip all types of varnish, wax, solvent or water-based paint including tough multiple layers of old gloss paint and all types of acrylic paints. Fast action concentrated formula designed to get the job done very quickly and without using any toxic chemicals, like traditional paint strippers. 

Biostrip has been made using only 100% all natural plant-based ingredients and is proven to give fast effective removal of paint and varnish.

- Water based paint stripper, less volatile, no fumesIdeal for trade and home use.
- Earth-Friendly and Safer for your health
- Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic 
- Thickened solution, which makes using on vertical surfaces easy with no drips.
- Our 500ml pouches will strip two to three metres squared of paint
How do I use Cornish Milk Biostrip?
1) Brush Cornish Milk's Biostrip on to the area that needs to be removed and leave until the paint, varnish or wax has completely blisters or softened. This process normally starts after 30 to 40 minutes depending on paint type, paint thickness and temperature. 

2) Once the paint has completely softened or blistered it can be scraped or wiped off easily using water and a lint free cloth.Apply as necessary until all paint layers are removed, but one treatment has proven to remove up to four layers of thick gloss.

3) Wash the area thoroughly with clean soapy water. Ensure the area is completely clean and dry before repainting in Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. 

Top Tip) For maximum effect, cover the area coated in Cornish Milk's Biostrip with an eco-friendly cling film. This will help to prevent our Biostrip from drying out and encourages a faster stripping time. 

We recommend treating a small test area before starting any project.
Cornish Milk's Biostrip has not stripped away my paint?
Our Cornish Milk Biostrip formula is very effective at removing all paints, waxes and varnishes but sometimes there might be a reason to why the formula is not being effective. 

Biostrip drying out - The common mistake which can be made is applying our biostrip really thin and allowing the formula to dry out. This will mean the active ingredients within the agent will not work and will not be able to strip away your paint. Make sure you use a very generous amount of Biostrip and do not allow the formula to dry out. 

Stripping outside in hot weather - Due to the reasons above, you do not want to use Biostrip outside on hotter days, as this will cause the formula to dry out to quickly. We always recommend using Biostrip indoors in normal room temperature. 
Biostrip has been made from 100% all natural earth and human friendly ingredients and will cause you no harm and does not make any toxic fumes, so it very safe to use in all, unventilated areas. 

Why is our New and Improved Mineral Paint formula thicker?

Cornish Milk Mineral Paints new and improved formula is now enriched with 100% organic earth pigments to make our unique Cornish inspired shades and this is why our formula has a new creamy, thicker mineral paint consistency. 

Cornish Milk is an eco water-based mineral paint and can be loosened down to a consistency you would like to use "if you choose too" by simply adding water to the formula. 

Our new formula also has sensational self-levelling properties and leaves you with a smooth professional finish. 

With each new tin of Cornish Milk Mineral, you are now getting double the mineral paint. Thicker paint, adding water "if you choose", means more fabulous Cornish Milk Mineral Paint for you to use on your many projects, saving you time and money!
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