For the past two years, Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has helped our paint users to create healthier living upcycling projects and homes, with our Environmentally-Friendly Mineral Paints and Bio-Preparation tools. 

We all know that upcycling our furniture and homes can completely transform your living space and give you a fresh new mind set, but have you ever considered what's in your paints which you are using? 

Many different paints offer a quick, cost effective way to breathe new life into your home, but so many of the paints on the UK market actually contain chemicals that are harmful to our environment/health, and can even damage our homes. 

With so many of us spending more time at home with our families, due to the pandemic and the climate crisis well and truly underway, it's never been more important to make the right choices that are kinder to the plant, our homes and our health. When it comes to paints, there's no exception. 

Below you can discover everything you need to know about eco-paints in our helpful guide and what you should be looking for.

What are eco-friendly paints?

There is no single definition of eco-friendly paints and the general consensus is that eco-friendly paints are those that contain little or no chemicals that can harm our health and the environment. Solvents, heavy metals and high VOC's can be hidden in many paints without you even knowing. 

When choosing an eco-friendly paint, it's worth noting that because a paint contains 'natural' ingredients, this doesn't mean its safer. Lead and turpentine are both produced from natural materials, but can have very harmful effects on your health and environment. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint proudly contains no added chemicals, Solvents or toxins which can damage your home and health. We have made a truly beautiful eco-mineral paint, which would be safe for our three children to use. 

What are VOC's?

VOC's or volatile organic compounds are carbon-based gases that are emitted by solids and liquids. The chemicals move from the paint you're using into the air and in very large quantities, which can be harmful to the environment and your health, with links to nausea, lethargy and respiratory issues. 

In the UK, the permitted amount of VOCs in paint is strictly legislated and it is a legal requirement for paint brands to state the VOC content. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint proudly contains only 9g's of VOC per Litre and we are one of the lowest furniture paints on the market with such a low VOC content, but brands which have 30g or lower VOC are allowed to state they are Low VOC or eco-paints, so make sure to check the VOC content.

American and imported brands of paint are not legislated within the UK to state their VOC content and are allowed to state in their country that they are Free from VOCs/VOC Free, but all paints have VOC's and you might be using paint which could damage your health. 

Is water based paints more eco-friendly?

Water-based paints are more eco-friendly than other types of paints because they use water as its primary solvent. This means that it is more biodegradable, odour-free and produces fewer harmful chemicals. Overall, they have a significantly lower environmental impact than other types of paints. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is 100% water based and doesn't contain any chemicals, toxins or solvent binders. All of our colours are made from 100% organic earth pigments too, using none chemical dyes or stains. 

Cornish Milk does have a slight scent, but this is due to our added eco-primer and eco-top coat which gives our mineral paint durability and also means our users are not required to wax after painting. 

What is 'Greenwashing'?

As more and more people are becoming environmentally-conscious, many brands have stated their paints and products are eco-friendly, but this doesn't mean they all meet the same standards. 

Misleading branding designed to pay lip service to sustainability is known as 'Greenwashing'. Its always advisable to do your research before choosing your paint to make sure the claims are true. 

We proudly state all our claims and even have our data sheet available on our website for our users to see.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is 100% against Greenwashing and are committed to making sure our mineral paint always states real claims and make sure our products are truly environmentally-friendly. 

If you would like to know more about our mineral paint than please contact us by emailing ''''. 

Since our launch in 2020, we have reduced our carbon footprint by over 75%, using eco paint making methods and making sure our premium ingredients are healthy for our mineral paint users and their families. 
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