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Reece and Joe are the proud creators of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint and below they share with you there ''Top Tips'' for getting the best results with using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint and for adding that extra wow-factor to your projects.

Our Official Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Stockists also have their own ''Top Tips'' for using our Mineral Paints, so speak to your local Stockist for more creative ideas.

We love to see all our users projects, so please make sure to tag us in your images when you share them online - @cornishmilkmineralpaint and if you require any additional help with using our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint, then please contact us both, we are always here to help you get the most out of using our 
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint.


Don't overload your paint brush, less is more! 

If you want to achieve a flawless smooth brushstroke free finish, then it's better to do lighter coats of mineral paint, then one thick heavy coat. You're also less likely to get runs, drips and paint built up in the areas you're working on. The thin coated layer may look sheer at first, but we promise you that by the second coat you will have full colour build up, which will look sensational.

Just remember that Mineral Paint is not a chalk style paint, so the paint consistency may be a little different if you are used to using chalk paints.


Make sure your first coat of paint is completely touch dry before applying your second coat. 

Even though our mineral paint formula dries very quickly (within 10 minutes), we recommend leaving an hour in-between coats if possible, as this will give your first layer of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint plenty of time to dry throughout and be ready for the next coat of paint.

''We can be very impatient too, but trust us the wait will be worth it. So put the kettle on and admire your work while it dries.'' 


Use a non-yellowing, eco-friendly varnish/sealer, if your painting higher traffic areas/furniture such as dining chairs and table tops. 

''We know from experience that we need to add extra protection on our newly higher traffic painted surfaces, as our three young children like to test our mineral paints durable with toys and cutlery. 

Our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is very durable, but a varnish topcoat is recommended for high traffic areas''


If you would like your painted surface to have a beautiful soft sheen, then you can do this without the need of any additional products.

 Simply buff your fully dried mineral paint surface carefully with a lint free cloth and our special built in topcoat will produce a beautiful soft sheen.

This tips saves you money on additional products for adding a sheen.  


To achieve a Cornish distressed look, Simply use a very low grade sandpaper on the areas of your projects you would like distressed. We know that over time handles, corners and some of the edges of furniture can become worn, so we distress these areas too replicate this look for an authentic finish.

 We strongly recommend that you do any distressing within the first 48 hours after painting, as after this our Cornish Milk formula will start to cure and will become very hard to remove... 

''We made this mistake by leaving a piece of furniture for three days before distressing and we have never had to work so hard on creating a distressed look before.. But at least we knew our durability was ultra.''


Once you have finished painting your projects, you will need be careful with the piece for the first 48 hours after painting, as our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint will need this time to cure. 

Within the first 48 hours, mineral paints can become damaged very easily if they are accidentally knocked or have heavy use. So we recommend you let your newly painted project some time to start to cure before using if possible. 

Light use, such as a sideboard or drawers will be perfectly fine.


Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can be used using a traditional paint brush, roller or Spray paint Guns. 

If you are going to use a spray gun then please make sure that you spray your projects in a well ventilated area. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint should not need to be watered down, but if you decide to water down our mineral paint, then we recommend only using 10% water to 90% mineral paint. This formula mix will give you a smooth professional finish. 

''Always read your spray guns instructions and recommendations for settings to achieve the perfect finish you are looking for.'' 


Did you know that you can use Cornish Milk Mineral Paints as a wood stain, or for creating coloured washes? 

To make a wood stain or wash, we recommend mixing 1 part Cornish Milk Mineral Paint to 1 equal part of water and mix together. 

Using our Cornish Colours to create a wash effect or to stain your raw woods is a great way to add extra character. 

''White Washes are very popular at the moment and will give your projects a beautiful Cornish Farmhouse finish.''
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